Welcome to NAACP ALLENTOWN  UNIT NAACP in Allentown

Welcome to NAACP ALLENTOWN  UNIT NAACP in AllentownWelcome to NAACP ALLENTOWN  UNIT NAACP in AllentownWelcome to NAACP ALLENTOWN  UNIT NAACP in Allentown




Women In History



President- Tony Phillips, Educator
1st Vice President - Walt Felton, Special Investigator,
State of PA

2nd Vice President - Craig Cobbs - Researcher
Secretary Barbara Redmond - MBA
Treasurer Adanah Sampson - Accountant, Entrepreneur


Dan Bosket- Community Action of the Lehigh Valley
Byron L. Crudup - Byron L. Crudup & Associates
Elaine Redmond - Director of Education, Early Child
April Riddrick - Multi Media Coordinator
Rev. Thomas E. Sweatt - St. James A.M.E.Z. Church Pastor
Bernice Williams - Educational Instructional Assistant
James Michael Williams- US Army

Giovanni's Room - Novella by James Baldwin


Women In History



The NAACP works to ensure that all disadvantaged students and students of color are on the path to college or a successful career by ensuring access to great teaching, equitable resources, and a challenging curriculum. We are dedicated to eliminating the severe racial inequities that continue to plague our education system. Our ultimate goal is that every student of color receives a quality public education that prepares him or her to be a contributing member of a democracy.

To achieve these goals, the Education Committee of the national board, in concert with education chairs and leaders from across the Association, have settled upon a four-prong strategy to improve educational achievement for disadvantaged students:

  • Increasing Resource Equity: Target funds to neediest kids
  • Ensuring College & Career Readiness: A path to success after graduation for all students
  • Improving Teaching: Growing our own great teachers now in underserved communities
  • Improving Discipline: Eliminate zero tolerance; keep kids in school* All applied to turnaround schools


Multilingual Curriculum Integrated into Public Schools

In 2016 NAACP National Convention delegates passed, and the National NAACP Board affirmed, a resolution to promote the integration of multilingual curriculum into public schools.  


Standard Grading Policies

In 2016 NAACP National Convention delegates passed, and the National NAACP Board affirmed, a resolution to urge NAACP units to encourage their respective States to establish an Office of Consumer Affairs in Testing and Student Evaluation.  In addition, the resolution reaffirms the 2014 Resolution, “Accountability and Assessment:  Measuring Student Learning. 


Women In History

Women In History

Women In History

Harriet Tubman, engineer of the Underground Railroad, born 1820

Sarah Boone invents the ironing board, 1892

Bessie Coleman, first African American woman aviator, born, 1892

Marian Anderson, one of the 20th century's most celebrated singers who became a symbol of the struggle to overcome discrimination in the arts, born, 1897

Dorothy Height, civil and women's right activist, born 1912

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. founded at Howard University, 1913

Rosa Parks, initiator of the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott, born, 1913

Sarah Vaughn, jazz singer "The Devine One" born 1924 

Coretta Scott King activist and wife Martin Luther King Jr. born 1927

Maya Angelou, poet, author, activist, born, 1928

Toni Morrisson, Pulitzer Prize winning author, born, 1931

Barbara Jordan, politician, lawyer, educator, born, 1936

Angela Davis, activist, born, 1944

Oprah Winfrey, media mogul, born 1954

Lorraine Hansberry opens A Rasin in the Sun at the Barrymore Theatre in New York 1959

Michelle Robinson Obama, 1st African American First Lady, born, 1964

Barbara Hillary becomes first African American woman to reach both North and South Pole at the age of 70, 2011

Misty Coperland becomes the first African American woman to be promoted to principal dancer in American Ballet theatre's 75-year history, 2015 



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Join our meetings every Third Thursday of each Month

The Allentown NAACP Unit Executive and General Meetings are held on Thursday of each Month at St. James A.M.E.Zion  Church,     410 Union Street,  Allentown, PA, , Rev. Thomas Sweatt, Pastor

The Executive Meetings will begin promptly at 6PM and should be done by 7PM.  

The General meeting will begin at 7PM and should be done by 8:30PM


P.O. BOX 9418, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 18105, United States

(610) 797-1107